Facebook Ad Agency in Mumbai, India

Facebook ad agency in Mumbai India

Facebook has become the unparalleled boss of the Social Media industry. Facts say almost all social media users are on Facebook and more than 85% of ‘other’ social networking sites users also use Facebook. If we talk about promoting a business on facebook, 8 out of 10 business owners, regardless of the size and type of their business, agree that Facebook is a high priority for their overall marketing as it helps in getting conversions way faster than any other type of media whether online or offline.

Facebook has around 2+ billion users from all over the world. In marketing terms, this means there are around 2 billion new avenues for your business promotions.  Did you know, Facebook ads raked $10.15 billion in Ad revenue in 2018. So, why do you think people are spending all this money on Facebook ads? The sole reason for this is that they are getting the desired results what they wanted and this helps in expansion of businesses. Your prospective customers hang out on this platform on the daily basis for hours, how can you win their heart, what can be the best place to show them what you have to offer. Using Facebook Marketing will help you reach to those people who are really interested in buying your product or availing your services. It even costs much lesser than the traditional way of advertising.

Are you still struggling with getting conversions and driving traffic to your website? Or are you feeling pressure on choosing which type of ad you should use?

Types of Facebook advertisements

What are Facebook ads and how can you use them to promote your Services or Products?

Facebook ads are nothing but the sponsored posts that users see on their news feed. The major difference between a normal post and promoted Facebook Ad Post is, if it is your page post, it will reach to those who have liked or followed your business page and if it is Facebook Advertisement, it will reach to all those users who fit in the filters you stated during setting up the Facebook Ad Campaign such as demographics, age group, interests, location, hobbies, etc.

Four types of Facebook ads: Image, Carousel, Video, and Slideshow. You may opt for any type that you think will be suitable for your business. We, at Zaitoon Agency will help you from selecting an ad type, making a campaign which is best and suitable for your target audience to getting leads through those creative and innovative advertisement campaigns. Facebook ads can help you in achieving many things, like, Brand Awareness, Lead generation, Traffic to your website, App installations, Video views, Catalog sales, Store visits, Boost any post, Offer claims, Promote your page, Retargeting, Engagement, Raise attendance at an event, and much more.

Zaitoon Digital Agency is headquartered in India and has clientele all over the globe.

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