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Growth Hacking Explained – 5 New Growth Shortcuts For Organizations

Meaning and How it is different from Marketing?

A growth hacker is a person to which the valley goes when they need to grow their user base. Their work is to make things happen which have been overlooked by others. The work which is not obvious and takes extreme creativity means hacking.

Growth Hacking

A growth hacker is not a replacement neither he is better than a marketer. It doesn’t depend on your marketing degrees, or if you had marketing experience, a growth hacker is just different than a marketer. Marketing is a very broad term, every traditional marketer cares about growth too but is not eligible to be called as growth hacker who just wants growth in terms of Return on investment, conversion of leads, customer satisfaction, and best content available in the game, and so on.

Every decision that a growth hacker makes is enlightened by growth. Every strategy, tactic, and initiative, is taken into consideration that the end goal is always growth. A hacker always stays in a pool just to get wrinkles of techniques and strategies so that an organization can grow.

The AARRR Model in Growth Hacking

The AARRR model is a model that every growth hacker follows, this model always revolves around their mind. This model can be defined as a customer behavior metric blueprint that allows them to monitor his business’s customer journey and growth which indirectly helps in the company’s growth.

The AARRR Model in Growth hacking

Myths in Growth hacking

  1. You should know to code to become a growth hacker– People and organizations think, to become a growth hacker, you should have studied engineering, you should be a programmer or you should have knowledge of coding. But this is not always true, because you just need a programmer in the team to simplify the hacking needs.
  2. Marketers can’t become Growth hackers – Marketing is a very broad term if somebody is a marketer this means he or she has to plan and execute every component of marketing activities know to the industry. But to become like them, they just need to narrow down their focus which is how to grow an organization with hacking and utilizing the available resources fully.
  3. Mostly Unethical practices are taken place while growth hacking – There is a difference between being smart and doing unethical activities. When a growth hacker do things which are useful to increase the leads conversion ratio, or make innovative software which is not understandable by every person, or make creative and heavy websites and E-commerce portals just to win from their competitors, or uses unexplored techniques to rank the website on the first page (Search engine optimization)is known as playing smart as their goal is one, growth hacking and they are not crossing any line in any discipline. Smart activities are generally done using three factors: Creative mind, Experience and full utilization of their skillset.

5 Specialties a Growth Marketer Have

  • Their Greatest Wish is to “Go Viral”– Every growth hacker performs activities which take an organization a level up which means whatever hard work he has done to act smartly so that his work doesn’t look unethical and he has played with all the resources available to crack the problem the fellow being wanted that the activities are gone viral. The brand he is working for is spread all over the market and his name/his team’s name is all over the social media.
  • They love Analytics– No matter which field they come from, they just love Analytics. This is also the core aspect of growth hacking, also analytics is the blood that flows all over their body through their veins. The future will always be a guess for every person, but the growth hackers make use of analytics to make decisions about tomorrow using yesterday’s data. They can’t just run the business on experiments and not guaranteed result blueprint.
  • Their way of performing tasks is T-Shaped– In Short the means a growth hacker should know a little about everything and has a few dominant skills. Deep meaning for this is, the flat horizontal part at the top of the T represents all the various skills in different disciplines that need to be familiar with. They need to know at least something about many different things, whether Marketing, Coding, Automation activities, email campaigns, social media campaigns and how to generate creative rich media. The vertical line represents the dominant skillset, which means having a deep understanding and having expertise in these areas, they need to know a few things that they are best at.
  • Strong overview of products, services, and software’s available– Having expertise in a few areas is important but they have to look all over other departments as well to gain more knowledge and the resources which are available to mankind. Who cracks this, becomes a leader, a growth hacker and a ruler on the social media and in the market.
  • Growth hackers run behind curiosity just like snakes runs behind snake charmers– Lack of curiosity makes a growth hacker handicapped, they have an urge to think new thoughts and always try doing new things, there is no written theory which a hacker follows. There are always things which are unexplored and have never been tried till now, not because they are unreachable but because nobody has been much curious to explore them, hack them and get to the core of it.

Growth Hacking Example:

Netflix – CEO’s plan was something else but ended up with a different business, guess how did he decided to revamp? Using growth hacking.

netflix logo growth hacking example

Growth hacking examples may be interesting for you but for us, nothing was as disruptive as Netflix, they started as a DVD rental company in 1997 but their plan was always to become a market leader in online video streaming. Netflix’s USP is letting people watch what they wanted, whenever they wanted, which is the major part of their success.

Techniques they used:

  • Their first plan was to split into two businesses, one would be DVDs and other would be online streaming, and use the profits from one business to fund the expansion of the other.
  • Acquiring and streaming popular TV shows to win the audiences and they started subscribing them to watch them.
  • They targeted people who love entertainment and built a strong Social media presence to acquire, connect and built a conversation with them.
  • Hiring the best and young talent to create unique and best content available on the web which would encourage people to subscribe, the company now has 130 million streaming subscribers in quarter 3 of 2019.
netflix subscribers after growth hacking

5 hacks a growth hacker can use while experimenting:

  1. Infographic hack– Infographics is short means, the content is shared as a creative image which is more understandable and adaptable by customer and readers. Find out your top performing and best customer rated articles and convert them into infographics. They sometimes help to go viral on social media and get more shares. You can use tools like Canvaor Venngage to create beautiful and eye catchy infographics.
  • Social media hack– When it comes to online marketing using social media platforms, timing is everything. Keep on checking out what is trending and try to make full use of that opportunity using the trending news, articles, and keywords based on your industry. Write up a blog or an article and sharing it on different social media channels and communities and groups.
  • Guest posting hack– Keep on exploring the publications that allow guest posting in the industry your business, note it down what type of content they accept, write creative content like that which can get viral, last but not the least publish your article or blog. Don’t forget to keep your article crisp and clear, eye catchy and innovative so that the publisher posts it with no excuse and the readers read it as they find it exciting.
  • Referral Programs hack– The main reason why most of the startups fail is that the cost of acquiring prospective customers is high. Many new businesses work on a limited budget, so high cost per acquisition and low return on investment disturb the funds which indirectly lead to a shutdown of the business. To ensure success, startups should use dual-sided referral programs that are mutually beneficial to either B2B or B2C as it helps in increasing customer data base, therefore more connections, more conversations, and more leads conversions.
  • Analytics hack- The best way to know what your customers want and make sure how to win prospective customers so that they buy your products or avail services you offer is to get your hand working on Analytics. Every growth hacker’s main key to success is using Analytics and understanding to make decisions more effective and efficient. You can try using tools that are absolutely free like, Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you can get your hands dirty on information on the audience, their behavior, goals, needs, and conversions. Also if you’re a WordPress user, try to see your analytics.


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