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Promoting a product/service over the internet is known as Digital Advertising this is a part of Digital Marketing Strategy. There are varieties of way to market your products or the services offered by your organization Online. You can use Google Advertising using Google Adwords, Facebook business page, Facebook sponsored stories, twitter posts and Twitter advertising for Marketing over the web. Pay per click (PPC) is one such effective and efficient method to advertise.

Digital Marketing is usually compared to Conventional Marketing

According to the traditional practices of marketing, companies used to promote themselves using brochures, flyers, pamphlets, flex board, Newspaper and Television Advertisements, and other print and electronic media options. Digital Marketing is more effective as we have the option to select the target audiences and you can pick whom to show your advertisements, audience can be targeted on the basis of geographical location, based on interest, gender, age and more endless options.

Quick and Free Ways for effective Digital Advertising:

  • Post your content on directories related to your industry
  • Post your content on social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Create a blog on your website and update it regularly
  • Post fresh content daily to attract more customers
  • Reply to your audiences queries before the anything catches fire
  • Submit press release on websites available online
  • Participate in discussion forums like Quora and Reddit

Above all are some of practices to market your products and services and to increase your brand reputation online. If you have a long vision in mind, just set a budget for digital marketing, hire a professional digital advertising agency in India for such tasks.

Benefits of Digital Advertising for every type of business:

Unlike billboards or Television advertisements, interactions with online ads can be tracked and measured effectively using Analytics tools. The benefits that come from Digital Advertising include:

  • Boosting Return on Investment and Sales
  • Assistance with your other advertising efforts: Digital advertising doesn’t just yield you high returns on investment, it helps in improvements in innovation and creativity in other media channels as well. Research has shown that including Ads on Web helps your other media perform better across the board. Billboards, for example, yielded greater ROI by a little over 50% when digital ads were a part of the same campaign because of Awareness and Customer Engagement.
  • Guides Customers through the Buyer’s journey

A big concept in modern marketing is the buyer’s journey is AIDA Principle. Basically, it’s the process a consumer goes through to buy a good or service. The stages are:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Zaitoon Agency can help you guide customers through each stage. Request a Free Consultation.

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Stimulates interaction and word of mouth: No type of advertising can match word-of-mouth recommendations. People are much more inclined to use a product or service if a friend or family member recommends the same. Online shares and recommendations have almost as big an impact as personal ones. “When someone shares a piece of your digital advertising, you get to tap into that power”.

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Zaitoon Digital Agency is a one-stop agency for all your digital needs. We offer end to end solutions in digital marketing like search engine optimization, social media marketing, online reputation management, in addition we provide complete design solutions for websites, mobile app and brand materials like brochure, logo, packaging etc. We also motivate you to do it yourself by offering consultancy in digital transformation, marketing automation & conversion rate optimization in case you have an in-house team.

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