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Get more with less (resource/time/investment)

"75% of companies using marketing automation see ROI within 12 months, 44% within 6 months.” 
– SalesForce Research


Marketing automation solutions can deliver big results. But to gain an edge on the competition you’re going to need a specialist that can unlock the productivity, targeted engagement, sales / marketing alignment, and insight that automation tools provide. And that’s why we are here, to provide complete marketing solution in and out.


Marketing automation, with its ability to automatically manage and execute actions, It’s not just making marketing easier to scale it’s also making it more effective by creating personalized, timely content for your audience.


The evolution of automation is making it possible for organizations to optimize their efforts to focus on their most valuable customers. Done right, it enables you to send personalized content to the right people at the right point in your conversion funnel.

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Zaitoon Digital Agency is a one-stop agency for all your digital needs. We offer end to end solutions in digital marketing like search engine optimization, social media marketing, online reputation management, in addition we provide complete design solutions for websites, mobile app and brand materials like brochure, logo, packaging etc. We also motivate you to do it yourself by offering consultancy in digital transformation, marketing automation & conversion rate optimization in case you have an in-house team.

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